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30 years of local service

Morning Star specializes in septic system installation and repair. Services offered include power snaking, septic tank plumbing, drain-line installations, and leach field installations.

Morning Star also supplies and delivers top soil, sand and compost. In addition, during the winter months when the ground is frozen and the snow flies, Morning Star uses their trucks to keep your commercial driveways and parking lots cleared.

Snow Plowing

During the winter months when the snow piles over the frozen ground, Morning Star provides snow plowing services to residential and commercial customers keeping driveways and parking lots cleared.

In need of salting & sanding? We do that too.


No matter the type of excavating you may need, Morning Star is equipped to help. We are experienced in:

Site Grading
Drainage Solutions
House Sites
Athletic Fields

We also provide and deliver gravel, top soil, stone, sand and compost if needed.

Septic Services

If you are in need of a septic install or system cleaning, Morning Star is happy to help. We also provide:

Drain Line Cleaning
Septic Inspections
Septic Tank Repair
Septic Tank Plumbing
Soil Percolation Tests

Terralift Septic Repair

A Terralift septic service offers a solution that is both fast and effective, as well as relatively inexpensive. In a matter of hours, years of life can be restored to your septic system, with minimal to no disturbance to the turf.

Terralift solves a number of problems such as compaction, saturation and improper drainage, resolving these issues almost immediately.

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Morning Star Septic & Excavation Services

For more than 30 years, Morning Star Septic has been providing excavating and septic services throughout Washington, Warren and Saratoga counties for both residential and commercial customers.

Morning Star specializes in septic system installation and repair. We offer services for septic systems, excavation, drainage solutions and snow plowing.

Interested in Learning More About Our Services?

We have been serving Washington, Warren, and Saratoga Counties for over 30 years.

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