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Our Terralift Service represents an amazing breakthrough in soil restoration. With the Terralift, we are able to solve a number of your soil problems including without destroying or even disturbing the surface of the ground. That means problems such as soil compaction, saturation, and improper drainage can now be fixed with any damage to the ground surface and without any mess or inconvenience.

The Terralift revives and restores exhausted leach fields inexpensively and speedily, without costly excavation. Here’s how the Terralift works:

Step 1: We use a pneumatic hammer to penetrate the soil to depths of from 3 to 6 feet long, using a narrow tube to probe the soil.


Step 2: We force air down the tube into the soil. This breaks up the soil and creates and aerated soil field for prime soil conditions.


Step 3: Simultaneously, we inject polystyrene pellets into the newly aerated soil. These pellets will preserve the passages we just created, ensuring that the liquid will always have a path to drain away from the area.


The air and the pellets that are now woven through the soil will continue to move horizontally and vertically; keeping the air and water passages open to ensure proper movement of the liquid on a long term basis.
Notice that the surface of the soil remains undamaged.

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