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Morning Star Septic Products


Top Soil
Sand Fill

Compost ~ Compost is a rich mixture of organic matter that contains plant nutrients and improves soil structure when added to your garden or lawn. To make our compost, we mix horse manure and bedding, sprinkle it with a little chicken manure for flavor, and age it to perfection.

Topsoil ~ Our topsoil is sand based with heavier soil added for water retention. It’s screened, so it is free of sticks and other debris.Sand Fill ~ Good for fill to level your lawn or for your pool foundation, or as a component of a leachfield.

Stone ~ We can haul any type of quarry aggregate – crusher run, unsorted bank run gravel, item four gravel, number 2 and number 3 stone, etc. Used as a base.

Septic Products Installed by Morning Star:
Plastic Tanks Leachfield Supplies
Effluent Filters Carbon Air Filters
Septic Tank Risers
For new septic systems, we recommend and install the products listed below. We service all types of septic systems.
See our supplier’s page Northeast Septic Solutions, for product descriptions or to browse manufacturers’ pages.


Plastic Septic Tanks:
Leachfield Supplies:
Effluent Filters:
Odor Prevention:
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